Marielle School Yoga

Alignment Yoga August 2, 2010

DSC_6955DSC06677The Yoga that I practice and teach is Alignment Yoga It is a form of Hatha Yoga that translates into the Western body. It emphasizes GROUNDING, a full, committed EXHALE and the RELEASE of UPPER PALATE.

GROUNDING is an element lacking in our culture. We tend to be acting from our heads, loosing the connection with the present and our bodies. It makes us vulnerable for neck and shoulder aches, accidents and anxiety. In my classes I teach in progressions, my students can meet  every pose where they are in their own body. We explore the deeper postural support muscles to create freedom and stability in body and mind. Using gravity and the natural rebound of the earth to stand taller.

A full committed EXHALE links our breath to our nervous system and helps it down regulate. Exhaling all the way out helps release the rib case, creating more space for the lungs to receive the new breath. Our experience of breath starts to be more authentic and peaceful.

RELEASE of UPPER PALATE is literally the key to relaxation in the rest of our body. When we broaden and soften the palate, muscles in the neck unwind, our spine releases and our mind quiets down.